Ruthy's Orange Rhino

Loving more, one day at a time

Day 1: Revelations

on September 25, 2013

Hello.  My name is Ruth and I am a yeller.

Well, I was yesterday.

Last night I read a beautiful post from The Hands Free Mama who has struggled with becoming the mommy she dreams of being and strengthening her relationship with her children.  The post, titled Taking Away My Daughter’s Smile described how she used to be a yeller.  She lived her life distracted and in a rush and critical and downright mean at times.  Just like me.

One day, after looking in the mirror at her nervous, stressed-out, smile-less little girl, she realized that her own unhappiness was funnelling directly into her once happy child.  Just like my children.

Her path to changing began with two simple things:

1.  See the flowers not the weeds.

2.  Good enough for today.

My path today.  To these I add:

3.  Deploy the Orange Rhino – my commitment to Yelling Less and Loving More.

This is my journey.

For my first day, the first step in coming closer to becoming the mommy I so desperately want to be.  I think I did pretty good.  Three and a half or so, meltdowns and none of them mine!  Pat on the back!


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